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Marissa Blodgett


How long have you been practicing? I graduated with my Masters in Social Work in 2020. I am currently pursuing my clinical license as a Clinical Social Work Intern. I am certified in CPR, BLS, and CPI. Cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and Solution focused therapy are my primary interventions.

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I have great relationships with various therapist who have offered insight and methodology for years. I have worked with children in various careers and continue to pursue certifications in play therapy. Art therapy is one of my favorite tools for children and adolescents. It allows them to express their subconscious and gives us the opportunity to examine the meaning behind it all. Cognitive behavioral therapy is my favorite methodology for adults, however I alter the treatment based on specific needs and the severity.

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I'm here to help you work through whatever is causing you discomfort. If you feel alone, overwhelmed, or confused about what is going on, you are not alone. Sometimes when things are moving so quickly in our day to day lives, we tend to forget that we can slow down and hit the brakes. Allowing yourself to assess the problem and make adjustments, is crucial. Sometimes we need help identifying the adjustments, and that is okay, I am here to provide a safe space, and an open mind.