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Jenna Tolentino


Struggling with change - both the concept of it, feeling ambivalent about it, and following through with it - is more common than you might think. I believe that every person is capable of change and I work to empower and align with you to create goals in a way that centers you and your strengths, and is a way to effect and sustain change in your life.

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My passion and specialization is in addiction treatment and recovery, including substance use disorders, gambling, and the self-limiting, harmful, or destructive ways we cope rooted in internal and external pain.

Build empathy and invite the potential client to reach out to you. Do not include contact details here.

Change and recovery is a process. I offer a warm, down to earth style to support you during that process and a treatment philosophy embracing a multi-dimensional approach. If you feel you connect or resonate with this ad, I invite you to reach out to me.