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Annamarie De la Torre


Not one persons experiences are similar we all deal with life differently but at times we all may be feel overwhelmed, irritable, sadness, hopelessness, panic attacks, low self-esteem. We also may feel impulsive, have difficulty following directions or behavioral issues. I can help create a safe place for your voice to be heard and learn.

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I can assist clients with creating support systems, coping skills to utilize. We practice mindfulness, breathing techniques, journaling, cognitive behavioral therapy. When working with kids and adolescents we will make crafts, play board games, color as a way to build trust and safety. As a Latina also understanding how our culture can play apart in our mental health.

Build empathy and invite the potential client to reach out to you. Do not include contact details here.

At times it is difficult to reach out for assistance, if you or someone you know are experiencing depression, anxiety or difficulties at the moment please reach out and I'll be there to support you every step of the way. I have created a safe place for those that come through my door. Know you are not alone and have someone that is here to help you and be there for you.