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Amy Anapolsky
Amy Anapolsky


My practicing philosophy is that therapy is a process facilitated to aid people in identifying what their best life is and guiding individuals through an important, introspective process to allow themselves the capability and belief they can make that best life happen.

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I currently hold licensure as a clinical social worker in the state of Nevada. I have worked with various populations ranging from preteen to geriatrics and have focused on depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma and other stress related disorders, substance abuse/intoxication, personality disorders, suicidal/homicidal ideation, psychosis and thought related disorders, and acute exacerbation of mental health disorders in inpatient settings. Therapy, all mental health services really, are a precipice for change, beneficial to everyone, to identify discontent, negative cognitions and dialogue, and a desire and motivation to change something that isn’t working. My primary modalities are cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, solution focused, elements of dialectical behavioral therapy, and rational emotive behavioral therapy.

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Attending therapy is scary. The idea of looking at and reliving moments and memories that have understandable affected someone can bring about apprehension. Depression, anxiety, stress, adjustment disorders, suicidal thoughts, etc. are highly prominent in the community but rarely spoken of due to a plethora of reasons, a major one being stigma of coming forward with mental health concerns. Therapy is a confidential service (with limited exceptions) that can have great success for anyone, despite how long or how severe something has been present for.