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Simone Phillips


My ideal client is in search of working through traumatic situations that may or may not have been dealt with. They typically suffer from depression and may battle with suicidal ideation as well. The goal is to help this client reframe the way they view their trauma and assist them with coping effectively when triggered. Another goal is to recognize personalities, places and things that trigger the client to increase awareness.

How can you help? Talk about your specialty and what you offer.

I can assist with unpacking the trauma, dispelling guilt and shame and empowering the client to possess strength when reminded of the incident(s) again. Through CBT I can also assist with challenging the negative core belief about oneself and help build esteem which ultimately will make life a more positive and enjoyable experience.

Build empathy and invite the potential client to reach out to you. Do not include contact details here.

If you are in need of a safe place to discuss a traumatic experience, I would be glad to work with you. While working together, I can help you develop the tools needed to lead a happier and healthier life.