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Irvin Hernandez


The Hispanic community does not think mental health is a serious concern and as a result does not ever get dealt with. As a result, the children of these households see a mental disorder as normal and never get help for it. As a Mexican American, I believe I can be of great help for the Hispanic community and to help them understand that depression, anxiety and anger management can be minimized by different types of treatment

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As mentioned above, I am a young and have had several experiences that have shaped me into the person I am. I’ve worked in construction to the banking industry all for the goal of reaching my dream of getting my education. Obtaining my masters in social work has opened new opportunities and one of them is providing mental health services to those in need. I have embraced both cultures here in the US and I hope to be of help to my Latino community

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Hi, I am Irvin Hernandez and I am a first generation Mexican American. I was born in Fresno, California but raised in Las Vegas for the last 20 plus years. I hope that I can be of help to you and anyone else that is seeking therapy. I’ve worked in several school offering my help. I hope to see you soon. Take care