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Behavioral Health Services

We provide transportation for patients who qualify, contact us now for more information.

Primary Care

Disease prevention, patient education and counseling, urgent care needs, labs, tests, immunization, radiology and referrals to specialist medical resources.

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Behavioral Health Las Vegas

We pride ourselves as being the best behavioral health agency in Las Vegas, NV. As part of practices, we provide services for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, PTSD – ADHD/ADD – OCD – Trauma, Behavioral Problems, Social Skills, Self-Esteem, Communication, Phobias and Anger Management.

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Telehealth Service

If you are not able to attend in-person appointments, we do offer Telehealth Services. Receive great quality care through your telephone or video services.


These include various maladaptation related to mood, behavior, cognition, traumatic events and perceptions which may require pharmaceutical assistance.

SSHS is a safe and caring culturally competent environment with wrap-around services!

ASP Cares

SSHS Pharmacy partners provide low cost, customer-friendly medication management services to your home or at several convenient locations.