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Our Mission

Silver State Health Services is committed to providing quality, cost-effective care for our patients and community. We exist to expand affordable access to…

Our Mission

“Silver State Health Service, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is committed to providing quality, cost-effective care for our patients and community.

We exist to expand affordable access to high-quality health care for our underserved and impoverished populations.

Our Vision

To be the leading integrated primary and behavioral health provider in the area, expanding our services to reach additional community members who have difficulty accessing the healthcare system.

Our reputation is that we provide compassionate care focused on the individual and driven by result. In order to accomplish this, we work to be trusted by patients, a valued partner in the community, and creators of positive change.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services provide clients with behavioral health counseling at the comfort of
their home through video chat or a telephone call

Trusted by Patients to Meet Their Needs

SSHS clinics provide respectful, safe and trusted services and programs. Our innovative environments allow our patients to explore health issues and improve their well-being through interaction with our providers, support staff, case management and community partners.

SSHS collaborates with like-minded organizations creating a community safety net of services. SSHS understands healthy people need safe environments, food, and access to fundamental resources to live a productive life.

Additionally, SSHS provides a sliding fee to our patients.

“SSHS reserves the right to charge full fee for elective care, supplies and may institute a special schedule of fees if circumstances arise.”

Community Partners and Affiliates

We are partnered and affiliated in the community as both leaders and changemakers in addressing community health issues.

Silver State Health Services

We combine the strengths of technology with irreplaceable personal contact to create
even more effective provider/patient relationships. We consider ourselves the leaders in the field of
Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Primary Care in Las Vegas, offering the best quality of care as a health center in Las Vegas.

Primary Care

Disease prevention, patient education and counseling, urgent care needs, labs, tests, immunization, radiology and referrals to specialist medical resources.

Behavioral Health

These include various maladaptation related to mood, behavior, cognition, traumatic events and perceptions which may require pharmaceutical assistance.

Telehealth Services

Do Not Have Medical Insurance and Need Help? Call Us Today to Schedule an Appointment for a Telehealth Visit

Welfare Services

Services includes health education, interpretation, case management, housing, legal and food insecurities plus a variety of community resources for patient and family.

ASP Cares

SSH Pharmacy partners provide low cost, customer-friendly medication management services to your home or at several convenient locations.


Self-regulation therapy aims to help the client correct problems by building new pathways in the brain that allow appropriate emotional/behavioral responses.

A Valued Partner in the Community

SSHS believes that healthcare is an integral part of the complex challenges that individuals and families in underserved, low-income and rural communities face.

Townhalls, surveys, and one on one conversations are opportunities for your voice to be heard. SSHS has daily staff huddles and weekly company meetings to carry your voice to the entire company and together we address the communities needs with a tenacious resiliency to problem-solving because your issues are our issues.

Creators of Positive Change

We are a catalyst for positive change in the community, working with others to get things done for the good of the whole. Together we seek further understanding to lift the beacon for hope and change in the community

SSHS has an entrepreneurial approach to the business of healthcare observing and adapting best practices from around the world. Integrated care is our focus as people are complex and require a whole approach to healthcare. Our list of services include: Behavioral Health in Las Vegas, Mental Health Clinics, Primary Care Clinic in Las Vegas.